Making Life Better Outdoors in Brownsburg, & Carmel, IN

We provide a wide array of outdoor living products including pergolas from Azenco

Are you ready to bring your outdoor space to life? Homestead Outdoor Living can make that happen. We provide pergola distribution and installation services throughout the Brownsburg, & Carmel, IN area.

Our local company also sells top-of-the-line, free-standing pergolas made by Azenco. Call 317-281-4363 now to place your order or schedule your installation.

What kind of outdoor paradise would you like to create?

When you hire Homestead Outdoor Living, you're hiring a dedicated and trusted team that's ready to go above and beyond your expectations. You can turn to us for:

Want to tackle the installation yourself? Take a look at our custom modular K-Bana pergola. Contact us today to speak with a local pergola seller and order your custom Azenco products.

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Why our products are worth it

We sell products made from premium materials and put together through innovative processes. These include:

  • Aluminum
  • Machine cuts
  • Powder coating

We have no doubt you'll see the difference in our quality products. Plan Azenco installation services with us today. Our knowledgeable pergola sellers will be happy to discuss the benefits of Azenco pergolas with you.