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Pool Fixtures


Our pool covers offer a direct line to our European heritage and sensibility, building on decades of experience serving thousands of water lovers on two continents.

Whether you want to go for a dip or gather for a pool, we can help you maximize every inch of your outdoor space. When it’s time for a swim, press a button and the insulated, solar powered cover will open in seconds.

Close it up when you’re done to keep your pets or children safe. Then take advantage of your expanded entertaining space, with strength and stability to hold your patio furniture — and a crowd of friends.

POOLDECK comes in a variety of modular sizes and shapes to seamlessly blend in with your pool and its surroundings.

Swim all year long, while you enjoy the sun under glass or in the open air. The mid-height roof creates a true living space, while taking advantage of the clever nested design of our NEO cover, allowing you to choose how much of the pool you want to uncover based on the weather.


With stunning curves, a unique nested design and a solar powered motor, NEO can cover — or uncover — one section of your pool at a time if you wish.

It’s strong enough to protect your pool from weather and debris, despite being stylish and lightweight. 

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